Talk with David Mills,  Puget Sound World Usability Day 2015

Innovating at n=1

We often think of ideas as something that originate and dwell in our minds, excluding our physical bodies.


When we think of thinking, we imagine people hunched over desks, books, computers, circuit boards, focused so intently on the task at hand that they “lose” their bodies. Yet we know people often get their best ideas on a walk or in the shower, just as they stop “trying” to think. 


How might our innovations change when we change our idea of what innovating looks like? Audience members got to explore what innovation might feel like as David Mills, a PhD in biophysics and I guided them through several experiences using insights from F.M. Alexander’s research. In the 1890s, Alexander applied the scientific method to his own medical problems to find innovative, holistic solutions that offer creative and useful orientations to learning and change. For this talk, we focused on the "how" of incorporating new information and ways our approach to that as individuals and as teams  lays the groundwork for innovation. 

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