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At Premera, our research team knew that critical decisions about the customer experience take place every day across the company, not only on the Customer Experience team.


As a former teacher, I was asked to develop workshops on design thinking & user interviews and qualitative & quantitative data literacy for internal stakeholders. Above, you can see folks from marketing, content strategy and voice of the customer sorting qualitative feedback from an online test into groups. After this, they helped determine the next iteration of the prototype in a modified version of RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing). 

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Data literacy 101

One of the greatest phrases I ever heard my manager, Robert Racadio, say was "passive consumers of data." We were talking about how to share research -  he was reminding me that we should be careful to present data in a way that promotes critical thinking. 


True engagement with user data like "Yes, but how was the question phrased?" is worth more  than the compliant but passive "Tell me what to do and I'll do it" mindset. Robert always sees the long term - something I really value.  An audience that can ask critical questions about research is more confident in how and where to apply findings and more likely to genuinely want research and carve a space for it  in their timelines.

The workshops I gave were titled "Listening to Data" and walked people from diverse teams through reading (and questioning) qualitative and quantitative user research data that was relevant to their own work.

User interviews 101

It was exciting when a manager we worked closely with outside of the CX tam asked me and my design research teammate Macauley to do a workshop on design thinking and interviewing skills. Some team members had been involved in previous research on cost transparency and some were new.  


We developed materials for a 2.5 hour workshop (agenda) including a sample McDonald's coupon usability problem (export page) that echoed issues the team faced around cost and value. Participants watched interview do's and don'ts, then took a sample script (sample script) for a spin! 

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