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International UX, Emotional design

回家 Going Home: a machine that connects 

10 million Chinese "left behind" children do not see their parents who work in coastal factories even once a year. Using the creative limitation of creating a solution in a vending machine format, my team of three M.S. students researched and designed “回家” or “Going Home,” a video booth that allows parents working in cities to record messages for their children or partners in the countryside. 


In the context of the close-knit Chinese family structure  - where love is shown in actions rather than in words - this situation approaches crisis. 

Why not use video chat?
In addition to low smartphone penetration in rural areas, we learned that slight emotional distance and privacy are key elements that allow our users to try out more expressive modes of emotional relationships without asking them to transgress cultural expectations.

Storytelling deck

Shared at ConveyUX, 2016

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