Hello! I'm a design

strategist + researcher. I create spaces where teams can listen to and 

act on customer needs. 

Premera Blue Cross
Data Literacy Workshops
Facebook Ads
B2B Usability
Recycle Aerosol
End-to-end B2B site redesign
Premera Blue Cross
Crosschannel Concept Testing
World Usability Day
Talk on Innovation
Samsung R + D
Trend Forecasting
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How I think

As a design researcher with qualitative expertise,  I pay attention to emotions, body language and the bottom line.


I get excited about opening the research process up to others and sharing out data early and often (even still "raw").


I strive to meet the long-term needs of a product and organization with 

research that is both strategic 

and tactical.


What stakeholders say

"Before working with Ariel, Customer Experience was just a box we checked. User research has fundamentally changed the way we work."

-Senior Manager, Healthcare

"[Ariel] drives collaboration and differentiation into implementations to ensure the consumer experience is one that drives loyalty and stickiness... Her guidance and skill led to a highly successful implementation and also set the stage for enhancing and improving the experience over time." 

-Vice President, Healthcare vendor


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